I'm not saying I'm lazy, but!

Sep 10th 2023 — 3D Printing, 3D design, TinkerCad

I'm not saying I'm lazy, but...2 screws was too much!

When I got my Ender 3, it had stock everything and like everyone I set about printing all the upgrades I could.

"3D Printing hobby is about making parts for the 3D Printer!"
some person on the internet

I finally settled on the Satsana Ender 3 Fan Duct as it was visually pleasing and of course that is the most important thing, but when it came to maintenance, 2 screws !! And while that isn't much, it annoyed me, not lots but just enough.

So I went looking for a different duct, but UGLY or so complicated I CBA.

Then I found a magnetic quick release one and it was awesome! But not for the ender 3,

A few modifications to the original and I had version one with all the ugly exposed magnets, 5 more versions later. I have a hidden magnet version.

This was awesome! But after a few months, I've noticed it can sag slightly after hours of printing, dropping 0.5 mm might not matter normally, but it was every so slightly snagging on the first few layers.

So now version is 7 is printing with a physical “lip” to cause better alignment.

Version 7 of the quick release magnetic Satsana Ender 3 Fan Duct

I will be uploading the files as soon as I'm sure it works as intended